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Code of Conduct

Understand Our Rules

Respect In The Community

At Team-Aftershocks we have an age limit of 18+ and here is the reason.

Being a part of the =ShoX= community comes with a responsibility to act in accordance with the basic rules that apply to all mature and well-run clans/communities. There are many such rules but, what we are talking about here, is a respect for all fellow gamers. This is especially relevant to how we treat other =ShoX= community members. However this also applies to how you act towards non-members when you are playing on our server, other servers, posting on forums and basically, any time you are representing the Team-Aftershocks community.

Respect is a very broad subject and requires a lot of common-sense (hence the age limit). You should never disrespect a persons nationality, faith, race, religion or gender. If anyone, is being disrespectful to you then please try not to be disrespectful back to them but report the abuse to an admin and let them deal with the matter. i.e the offending player can be kicked from the server The ill-feeling that abuse can cause within a friendly community like ours is enormous, so any of our members caught breaking these rules will be warned about his behaviour or removed from the community. You have been warned.

Remember that representing the Team-Aftershocks community comes with a responsibility to act with dignity and maturity.

Gentlemanly Gameplay

We want to bring back the days of honest-to-goodness gentlemanly play. If you are disrespectful towards other players i.e. constant goading in Teamspeak, ingame player abuse, persistent and disruptive chatter, you shall receive a warning as to your conduct/be kicked from server and be asked to change your attitude.

Leniency in the past has led to some ridiculously long and drawn out procedures. None of the people who actually run this community want to give up their time to deal with people who are not willing to comply with the rules they agreed to abide by when they joined us. It is hoped that this will ensure gentlemanly conduct at all times, on all servers, and consideration for other members and the fun that we are all here to enjoy .

If you are not able to uphold these simple values, the community will move on without you.

No Hacking Policy

All our members follow a No Hacking/Cheating Policy and we try help the anti-cheat community by streaming to PBBans on all our gaming servers wherte possiable. If you are found using any form of Hacks/Cheats you can stop reading because we wont accept you into our community.

By applying to join our community you give us the right to trace for any Hacking or Cheating offenses you may have accumulated , using any means necessary. We run checks randomly on all members.

If any member is caught using Cheats/Hacks they will be ejected from the community and banned from all our servers without warning .

Inactivity & Other Clans/Communities

We are a casual gaming community, if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time no worries, feel free to jump back on when you have time again. We also dont limit or restrict joining other clans and communities. We are not naive enough to think we can cover all your community gaming requirements, so if another community meets some of your needs. Join them, their will be no issues with us.

We are a casual gaming community with few restrictions. Happy Gaming!

Code of Conduct

All members are expected to adhere to our code of conduct. It's not hard be fair and act maturely, Simples.

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